Human Rights Responsibility Statement

It is Baylis Medical Company Inc. (Baylis) policy to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to Baylis business activities around the world. The Baylis Code of Ethics addresses our corporate citizenship goals, which includes acting with the highest integrity as an employer. Specifically, the Corporate Opportunities section in the Code of Ethics states:

“Baylis is committed to promoting equal opportunity in all dealings with employees, clients, suppliers and others. Baylis will conduct its business in a manner that will make it a desirable employer. In doing so, Baylis will:

  • strive to maintain a work environment in which the personal dignity of all individuals is respected; and […]
  • forbid coercion or intimidation in the workplace.”

This section, among others in the Code of Ethics, reflects Baylis’ commitments to ethical business practice. Baylis is committed to ensuring that our internal and global operations comply with our own internal policies relating to human rights, as well as applicable legislation such as the Ontario Human Rights Code and the U.K. Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We at Baylis continually improve our processes of verification, audit, certification, internal accountability, and training to assess and ensure that suppliers comply with Baylis’ ethical goals. We engage third-party providers to help us ensure continuous improvement in this area while retaining management of internal controls and training.